About us

the sparkle story

The idea for Sparkle and Shine Darling started with a fabulous trip to Paris, France.

For my 29th birthday, my husband, Chris, arranged for me to visit the City of Lights with a few of my best girlfriends (hello, amazing!). While we were there, we visited the Eiffel Tower and soaked in the breathtaking sights. We got dolled up in evening gowns and elbow-length gloves to go to the opera. And one afternoon, my friends decorated our suite’s balcony with treasures they had collected and secretly toted from home in their suitcases. When I stepped outside, the space had been transformed into a spectacular, vintage-themed Parisian Champagne tea party.

That entire experience—the quality time with my girlfriends, the glamour of dressing up and glitz of a beautiful place, the excitement and awe—had me on top of the freaking world. After returning home, I was inspired. I wanted to bring that experience and that feeling to other women.

our boutique

I visualized a space where women could shop a curated collection of sparkly-shiny pieces from around the world, where they could meet to celebrate life’s big and small moments, where they could unwind with a flute of bubbly and a melt-in-your-mouth macaron. And now, that dream is a reality.

Women are amazing. We’re a mix of vulnerability and strength. We create art, meals, life itself. We’re all unique—and yet we have so much more in common than what we see on the surface. Sparkle and Shine Darling is a reflection of that. It’s more than a physical space to shop, celebrate and relax. My hope is that it’s also a haven, a place for community and friendship, positivity and support.

So gather your best gals—you know, the ladies who are by your side during sunny days and stormy ones too. This space is just for you, darlings.

the sparkle team

Adrienne Bosh is a mompreneur on a mission. Sparkle and Shine Darling represents her passion for empowering women, supporting mothers and making the world a better, glitterier place. She’s committed to her family, her business and her community, dancing through her days with a smile on her face and stilettos on her feet. Through it all, Adrienne maintains her sparkly style, positive attitude and dedication to celebrating the extraordinary milestones, everyday moments and everything in between.